The name Birštonas was first mentioned in reports made by Teutonic Order scouts in 1382 as a “homestead near saltwater”, but it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th century that the first patients were successfully treated in Birštonas. In 1878, Doctor Ivan Radecki discovered a strongly mineralized source near the Nemunas riverbed. This source was called Viktoria, and later, according to a proposal made by J. Tumas-Vaižgantas, it was called Vytautas. Studies showed that the water contained plenty of useful minerals.
In 1924, the bottling of Vytautas water started
For the first time in Lithuania, industrial bottling of Vytautas mineral water commenced. As the waters of this region were widely known for their useful properties, it was decided to build a factory in Birštonas so that people could enjoy the water with unique properties beyond the resort.
1964 – New bottling line
A water bottling line with the highest capacity in Lithuania was installed, increasing daily production by 5 times. After the production facilities were upgraded, 37,000 bottles were bottled a day.
1980 – Development
The Birštonas mineral water plant was expanded in 1980.
2002 – Export
The first bottles of Vytautas mineral water were exported.
2007 – PET production equipment
Birštono mineraliniai vandenys installed a new line for the production of PET bottles and bottling.
2012 - Vytautas is bottled into PET containers
Birštono mineraliniai vandenys became the first Lithuanian mineral water producer which began to bottle its products into more environmentally friendly, raw material-saving PET containers.
2016 – Vytautas Mineral SPA
Vytautas Mineral SPA opened its doors to visitors. Vytautas Mineral SPA’s water contains more than 70 active minerals.
2016 – Superior Taste Award
The International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) independent international organization of chefs and sommeliers awarded two stars to Vytautas natural mineral water for its exceptional taste at the Superior Taste Award food and drink contest.
2010-2017 - The most popular product
In a competition organized by the Lithuanian Trade Enterprises Association, Vytautas mineral water became the most popular product in Lithuania for several years running.
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